Apartments Řezáč
We have built an accomodation in the womb of nature that will be gladdening and providing the best quality services for everyone including families with children. Come and stay with us…
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We are happy to offer you a restaurant we assume it could possibly please every visitor not only with delicious food from Czech cuisine, which is our first and main priority regarding the restaurant, but also with its atmosphere. Inseparable part of our menu is meals from international cuisine.

In a summer time we open a terrace.. 

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Čokoládové suflé s vanilkovou zmrzlinou         Grilovaný hermelín

Kachní stehenní konfit, knedlík, zelí         Penne al pomodoro

         Jelení závitky plněné švastkami s brusinkovou omáčkou

Tradiční česnečka se sýrem a krutony         


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